NSDJ12 Interview: Deborah Rozman PhD

HeartMath & Deborah Rozman Interview

Interview by Dr. Jay Sordean with Deborah Rozman, PhD on HeartMath and the science behind the connection of your heart rate and your brain health. Dr. Jay first heard about, and started using, the HeartMath technologies at an Alex Mandosian Teleseminar Secrets Summit where he received an “emwave(tm) Model 1-01”. See picture of his first device below.

emwave(tm) model 1-01

emwave(tm) model 1-01

It is now possible for you to get the next generation, emwave2. Click this box!HeartMath emWave 2

HeartMath and InnerBalance

As a functional medicine clinician and long time advocate for the use of meditation, hypnotherapy, and other deep brain influencing technologies, Dr. Jay started using his emwave(tm) and sharing it with family members. Later Dr. Jay got the Inner Balance hook ups that can be used on an iPad and iPhone that have even more sophisticated software applications. Those hook ups can be obtained by clicking here. Inner Balance™ + HeartMath® Sensor = More Ease

You can also take advantage of this technology by purchasing any and all of the other products and training by going to the following:

HeartMath LLCand
HeartMath. Step Away from Stress and Find Ease

How to Access the suite of HeartMath Technologies

HeartMath LLC

HeartMath LLC Orders

A Little about Deborah Rozman

Dr. Rozman gives a very wonderful interview that reveals her wisdom, expertise, and enthusiasm for the power that this method has to help so many people connect their hearts and their brains.

This phone interview was done as part of Dr. Jay’s research for his books in 2014. http://www.SuperBrain-TheBook.com and http://www.OutsmartingDementia.com

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http://www.OutsmartingDementia.com   and   http://www.SuperBrain-TheBook.com
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