NSDJ24 Interview Dominick Palamenti Savvy Rest

Dominick Palamenti Savvy Rest

Dominick Palamenti Savvy Rest

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Dominick Palamenti Savvy Rest

Dominick with Natural Foam Examples — Explaining Individualized Custom Construction

Interview by Dr. Jay Sordean with Dominick Palamenti Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom regarding sleep and natural foam bedding for health. Savvy Rest is a store just down the street from The Redwood Clinic and offers an in-store experience of natural foam mattresses and bedding. In this episode, Dr. Jay and Dominick discuss many issues regarding sleep and why you might consider using a natural foam mattress custom made to help you sleep more healthily. Savvy Rest has a blog with great information and also has events every month that may be an art show, comedy, music or other events. Dr. Jay gave a lecture on Insomnia January 2014 in the store just after it opened.
This podcast also has a video.

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Dominick Palamenti Savvy Rest

The Video of the Conversation might be found on youTube under the title of “How to Choose a Healthy Bed: Webcast with Dominick Palamenti of Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom”

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