NSDJ-77 Interview with Andrew Phillips

Interview with Andrew Phillips, founder and CEO of Digital Codex by Dr. Jay Sordean.

Andrew has decades of experience in the digital marketing arena with some of the most famous brands worldwide and in England. He talks about his personal experience with a health issue that changed the way he manages his worklife in conjunction with the COVID-19 pandemic changing how he had to do his business in England during this time of early and mid-2020.

Andrew has spent his career in marketing and the last 10 years running an agency that delivers digital marketing services for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Andrew is the founder of the Digital Marketing Codex and since lockdown Andrew has been working with Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses to help them generate new leads and new sales

He offers you ways to learn more about his program. If you join his FB Group please let him know that you heard his podcast on this channel. GrowMyBusinessAndrew@gmail.com

andrew phillips

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