NSDJ-38 Katharina W. Dress Interview with Dr. Jay

Katharina Dress photo 2016 (BTA)

Katharina W. Dress Interview with Dr. Jay Sordean

Katharina W. Dress is interviewed by Dr. Jay.

Dr. Jay Sordean interviews Katharina W. Dress, MA, an Adult Family/Elder Care Mediator, Conflict Coach and founder of AGING IN HARMONY, serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Katharina and Dr. Jay discuss the family dynamics and communication challenges involved in helping parents and loved ones to address the complicated issues surrounding the journey of aging, especially with those suffering from Alzheimer’s or other kinds of dementia.

Katharina W. Dress Resources

Some of these issues are partially addressed in Dr. Jay’s books.  Katharina Dress, and her events, can be found at http://www.AgingInHarmony.com

The video recording of this interview is here.

Dr. Jay’s books to help you save your brain can be obtained here:



To order either of the bestselling books by Dr. Jay Sordean, go to:

http://www.OutsmartingDementia.com   and   http://www.SuperBrain-TheBook.com

For information about brain evaluation and treatments, and Dr. Jay’s “B.R.A.I.N. H.E.A.L.T.H. Program” go to http://www.TheRedwoodClinic.com/brain-consultation

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