NSDJ-51 Ernest Shih Interview with Dr. Jay

Ernest Shih Interview with Dr. Jay

Ernest Shih and Dr. Jay were college students at Earlham College at the same time. Ernest started an environmental consulting firm in Hawaii which has had numerous SuperFund clean-up site contracts over the years, including analysis and clean-up work in Japan.


Ernest Shih Interview with Dr. Jay

During this interview, Dr. Jay and Ernest Shih talk about their backgrounds regarding how they got to where they are today. Ernest was a geology major focused on morphology. This later served him in starting up a consultation on how to analyze and then clean up toxic waste sites, such as the Naval bases in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and in Okinawa, Japan. An article about Shih’s company, which he sold, is found at http://archives.starbulletin.com/2002/04/11/business/index2.html

Ernest Shih’s most recent song is also featured toward the end of the podcast. He has written 4 songs so far.  He explained that he is a fairly recent to playing and writing music and feels comfortable singing about being Asian in a humourous fashion.

Ernest is a business and environmental consultant. His LinkedIn page is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ernest-shih-95423b

Dr. Jay Sordean doing Tai Chi

Tai Chi Class 1975

Julian Harr

“Dr. Jay doing Tai Chi while visualizing a yellow canary” by master sculptor, Julian Harr

(You can purchase art by Julian Harr here.  At least go look at his visionary art work.)

Ernest Shih Discusses Toxins with Dr. Jay

Toxins can seep down deep  into the soil. Dr. Jay is surprised when Ernest says “shallow” is 15 feet, thinking that it would be more like a couple of inches. Concerns about toxins like PCBs are discussed in relationship to health.

Detoxification of your body is a key component of Dr. Jay’s protocols and programs to help avoid brain degeneration. Further information on that can be found in his books, listed below.

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The video of this interview is also here, but the last 10 minutes got cut off due to technical difficulties. Link to video

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