NSDJ-52 Stigmas Alternative Medicine Faces

Stigmas Alternative Medicine Faces

Dr. Jay Sordean is interviewed by Monet Lavelly Garcia about stigmas alternative medicine faces. What types of things are working against alternative medicine being more wide-spread and utilized in the U.S.?

Monet Lavelly Garcia is a senior at UC Berkeley in Sociology.  This is a senior thesis she created. At the time that she did this interview she had spoken to many of the people on her list.  She is doing interviews with around 20 professionals to get their personal experiences related to stigmas alternative medicine faced by alternative medicine practitioners.

This is what she says about herself:

“My name is Monet Levalley-Garcia and my contact information is: monetlevalley@berkeley.edu

Do you feel like your body is not operating at it’s full potential? My greatest passion in life is cultivating total health and wellness. I want to increase accessibility to healing modalities. This is the first step to making the world healthy again. I have created a platform to offer support for complimentary and alternative practitioners by forming space where their voices can be heard.

I am on the path to becoming an integrative medicine practitioner myself. I am training in holistic health, herbal medicine and dietary healing. Using a holistic approach, I mentor youth who struggle with substance abuse. I have also crafted healing of my community through my position of general manager at a vegan restaurant called Garden to Grill.

Stigmas Alternative Medicine

Super Brain -The Book

My primary focus in my education today is cultural and patient centered practice through earning a Bachelors of Arts degree at the University of California Berkeley. I am in the process of conducting research that will culminate in a senior honors thesis entitled The Stigmatization of Complimentary and Alternative medicine (CAM): Considering CAM a contribution to alleviating social determinants of health and wellness, particularly in low socioeconomic communities. I will continue this project in graduate school. I have committed my life to holistic healing.”

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