NSDJ-65 Frances Pitt Interview with Dr. Jay

NSDJ-65 Frances Pitt Interview with Dr. Jay

This Frances Pitt interview that Dr. Jay Sordean did with speaker and trainer Frances Pitt is full of inspiration and confidence, attributes Dr. Jay found in abundance in Frances Pitt and her ideas.

NSDJ-65 Frances Pitt Interview with Dr. Jay

Frances Pitt brings twenty-five plus years’ experience as a psychotherapist, entrepreneur, Professional Speaker/Trainer, consultant and professor. This experience allows her to speak and train with authority. She has the ability to address some of the unspoken thoughts and behaviors of her participants due to her many years as a Certified Psychotherapist.

Frances first entrepreneurial experience was the Co-creator of the Universal Counseling Clinic where she worked as the Associate Director and as a Psychotherapist. She later Worked as a Financial Planner for the fifth largest insurance company in the US and consistently received the Outstanding Presentation Award. She attributes her speaking skills from early training from various training she received from Les Brown.*
She was the founder of Frances Pitt & Associates, a national consulting company.

Her style of delivery when presenting is described as energetic, enthusiastic, as she invokes the same response from her audiences. She is a powerful and dynamic communicator. consummate motivator.

Her most recent accomplishment is becoming a Religious Science Practitioner. One of the concepts taught as a Religious Science Practitioner is the reminder that the attributes of greatness is found within the individual.

She is a proud Certified Hypnotherapist. This credential allows Frances to work with individuals who are looking to change behaviors that may be unconsciously blocking their authentic selves.

Frances’ speaking and training topics include: What’s Underneath Extraordinary Performance, The Power of Extraordinary Communication, Empowerment is the Name of the Game and Diversity Yields High Performance.

Frances lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She can be reached at 414-881-1917.

Frances Pitt,MSW, RScP
Professional Speaker/Trainer
Certified Psychotherapist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Mosaic Diversity Trainer

*Dr. Jay Sordean also had the great honor to study with Les Brown in his Greatness series of seminars in the early 2000’s.

Your Heart and Brain are Interconnected

HeartMathWe sometimes forget how connected our hearts and brain are both spiritually, emotionally, AND physically. There are shortcuts to the meditative and mindfulness state that help is remain healthy and decrease the ravages of stress on our body.

The use of HEARTMATH technology is one of those.

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There is a NSDJ-12 interview by Dr. Jay Sordean with Deborah Rozman, PhD on HeartMath and the science behind the connection of your heart rate and your brain health. Dr. Jay first heard about, and started using, the HeartMath technologies at an Alex Mandosian Teleseminar Secrets Summit where he received an “emwave(tm) Model 1-01”. See picture of his first device below.  He highly recommends these devices to help you learn quickly to calm your spirit in a way that your body responds in a physiologically balancing way.

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emwave(tm) model 1-01

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HeartMath and InnerBalance

As a functional medicine clinician and long time advocate for the use of meditation, hypnotherapy, and other deep brain influencing technologies, Dr. Jay started using his emwave(tm) and sharing it with family members. Later Dr. Jay got the Inner Balance hook ups that can be used on an iPad and iPhone that have even more sophisticated software applications. Those hook ups can be obtained by clicking here. Inner Balance™ + HeartMath® Sensor = More Ease

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