NSDJ-48 American Voter Psychology – Code Blue in the White House Chapter 5

American Voter Psychology – Code Blue in the White House: Chapter 5

American Voter Psychology is what the candidates and Presidents have to know to get voters. This is the focus as Dr. Jay Sordean narrates Chapter 5 of his latest bestselling book, CODE BLUE in the WHITE HOUSE: What Successful Presidents Sell Voters to Win Elections.  This chapter focuses on the American Voter’s Psychology. Knowing psychology to sell. Overall, in this book, Dr. Jay discusses the various methods that Presidents and presidential candidates use to sell themselves to the public and their colleagues.  Other politicians use these methods as well.  Actually, everyone, professional or lay-person, may use these methods at one time or another in their own lives, as selling is an intrinCode Blue in the White Housesic part of being a human being.  This chapter focuses on past Presidents and what may have helped them to win.

Dr. Jay has years of experience interacting and communicating with patients, staff, friends, family members, other businesses, and even strangers.  His experience has led him to become a Certified Trainer with BANKCODE to teach live classes on B.A.N.K. Code. Contact him for more information on this at http://www.Four-Cards.com.

American Voter Psychology

This book, CODE BLUE in the WHITE HOUSE: What Successful Presidents Sell Voters to Win Elections, can be purchased through links on http://www.CodeBlueInTheWhiteHouse.com There is also a companion CODE BLUE CHECKLIST you can use to analyze the sales techniques candidates are using in their speeches to you when they are trying to convince you to support them, give them money, or vote for them.  Also found at the same website.

Use this checklist for the presidential debates to focus on which techniques the candidates are using. Repetition, “No”, and B.A.N.K. codes are particularly revealing.

Dr. Jay is available to you company to consult and train in B.A.N.K. Code for improved sales and communication with customers and staff. Call him at 510-849-1176 for availability.

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