NSDJ-41 Kelly Gilliland Interview with Dr. Jay about B.A.N.K. Code

Kelly Gilliland Interview with Dr. Jay about B.A.N.K. CODE

Interview of Kelly GKelly Gilliland and Dr. Jay about BANK CODEilliland by Dr. Jay Sordean about B.A.N.K. Code and other matters of helping veterans. Conversation on July 22, 2016 following the BANKCODE summit and Certified Trainer’s Training on Fundamentals — Relationships. Dr. Jay Sordean and Kelly Gilliland are both Certified Trainers with BANKCODE. Kelly Gilliland works with US veterans to get integrated back into American society after being in the military service for years.
For information about BANK Code go to http://www.Four-Cards.com or call Dr. Jay at 510-849-1176 to book him as a speaker or trainer at your next event.

Dr. Jay analyzes the Presidential Candidates in 2016 using BANK CODE in his new bestselling book: CODE BLUE IN THE WHITE HOUSE: What Successful Presidents Sell Voters to Win Elections, found on Kindle and Amazon. http://www.CodeBlueInTheWhiteHouse.com

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