NSDJ-64 Savyon Gafni Sordean Interview

NSDJ-64 Savyon Gafni Sordean Interview

This episode of Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay features the Savyon Gafni Sordean Interview done in a plaza in Berkeley’s Fourth Street area.
Savyon Gafni SordeSavyon Sordean deep in thoughtan is the daughter of the host of this podcast, and Dr. Jay finds great wisdom and vibrancy in the words and actions of Savyon.  Of course, these are just two of the hundreds of positive traits and skill sets Savyon brings to her friends, family, colleagues and this world.

NSDJ-64 Savyon Gafni Sordean Interview

Savyon SordeanSavyon SordeanSavyon Sordean and ElahSavyon Sordean with Elah and LaylaSavyon Gafni Sordean

NSDJ-64 Savyon Gafni Sordean Interview

Savyon Sordean Front Row GraduationSavyon Sordean, Minor in Gender StudiesSavyon Sordean Graduation Gender Studies MinorIn Omnia Paratus

Your Heart and Brain are Interconnected

HeartMathWe sometimes forget how connected our hearts and brain are both spiritually, emotionally, AND physically. There are shortcuts to the meditative and mindfulness state that help is remain healthy and decrease the ravages of stress on our body.

The use of HEARTMATH technology is one of those.

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There is a NSDJ-12 interview by Dr. Jay Sordean with Deborah Rozman, PhD on HeartMath and the science behind the connection of your heart rate and your brain health. Dr. Jay first heard about, and started using, the HeartMath technologies at an Alex Mandosian Teleseminar Secrets Summit where he received an “emwave(tm) Model 1-01”. See picture of his first device below.

emwave(tm) model 1-01

emwave(tm) model 1-01

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HeartMath and InnerBalance

As a functional medicine clinician and long time advocate for the use of meditation, hypnotherapy, and other deep brain influencing technologies, Dr. Jay started using his emwave(tm) and sharing it with family members. Later Dr. Jay got the Inner Balance hook ups that can be used on an iPad and iPhone that have even more sophisticated software applications. Those hook ups can be obtained by clicking here. Inner Balance™ + HeartMath® Sensor = More Ease

You can also take advantage of this technology by purchasing any and all of the other products and training by going to the following:

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HeartMath. Step Away from Stress and Find Ease

How to Access the suite of HeartMath Technologies

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NSDJ-41 Kelly Gilliland Interview with Dr. Jay about B.A.N.K. Code

Kelly Gilliland Interview with Dr. Jay about B.A.N.K. CODE

Interview of Kelly GKelly Gilliland and Dr. Jay about BANK CODEilliland by Dr. Jay Sordean about B.A.N.K. Code and other matters of helping veterans. Conversation on July 22, 2016 following the BANKCODE summit and Certified Trainer’s Training on Fundamentals — Relationships. Dr. Jay Sordean and Kelly Gilliland are both Certified Trainers with BANKCODE. Kelly Gilliland works with US veterans to get integrated back into American society after being in the military service for years.
For information about BANK Code go to http://www.Four-Cards.com or call Dr. Jay at 510-849-1176 to book him as a speaker or trainer at your next event.

Dr. Jay analyzes the Presidential Candidates in 2016 using BANK CODE in his new bestselling book: CODE BLUE IN THE WHITE HOUSE: What Successful Presidents Sell Voters to Win Elections, found on Kindle and Amazon. http://www.CodeBlueInTheWhiteHouse.com

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To order either of the bestselling books by Dr. Jay Sordean, go to:

http://www.OutsmartingDementia.com and http://www.SuperBrain-TheBook.com

For information about brain evaluation and treatments, and Dr. Jay’s “B.R.A.I.N. H.E.A.L.T.H. Program” go to http://www.TheRedwoodClinic.com/brain-consultation


Enhancing the functioning of your brain is important at any age. Integrating the conscious and unconscious parts of your brain is also known to be vital to have success, be productive, be able to focus, and to achieve goals in life with less effort. The MIND MOVIES series of systems and tools can be very helpful in this process. Please check out the 3 following links to get these valuable tools for your brain and life enhancement.

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